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About Us

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COPOS is what our Costa Rican friends call "shaved ice". It's similar to Canada's well-known snowcone, but only because it's cold and colorful - the similarities stop there. COPOS are soft, not crunchy, and they are full of flavor too! Which means that you can stop ordering by color and order by flavor instead! We take a boring block of ice and shave it down to soft peaks of snow. Then we add all your favorite flavors and toppings. We have more than 40 flavors that are rotated regularly so you get a chance to try them all. (Be sure to try our signature Tres Leches Copo! It's a crowd favorite). Can't wait to meet you!​


How We Got Started

While living in Honduras and the USA, I tried different styles of shave ice and loved them. A few years later, I met my amazing soon-to-be-husband and was able to travel back home with him to Costa Rica where I tried their version of shave ice called a "copo". I wondered why, in all my years growing up in Canada (the should-be authority on all things snow related), I had never had anything like the shave ice being served elsewhere. That's when we decided that this tropical treat needed to finally make its way to the prairies. So here we are! In 2019 we bought a trailer and started COPOS: Ice of the Tropics. We were blown away by the love and support we received! At the end of the season, we sold the trailer and bought a 24-passenger bus which we converted to a food truck and we had another amazing season! It's so nice to finally taste the tropics again, we can't wait to share it with all of you this upcoming year!

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